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As Long As It Takes (03/03/2010)
1  Never Move On 
2  Only To Be Yours 
3  Can Anybody Hear Me 
4  As Long As It Takes 
5  Come Home 
6  All Will Fade Away 
7  What It Means To Love 
8  Live Through Me 
9  My Soul Sings 
10  In Your Arms 
11  How Great Is The Love (featuring Paul Baloche) 

   The Invitation (04/29/2008)
1  You Invite Me In 
2  Lift Up Your Head 
3  You're Not Alone 
5  Show Me What It Means 
6  Deeper 
7  The River 
8  New Song We Sing 
9  Who Is Like You? 
10  Draw Me Nearer 
11  You're Not Alone (Acoustic Version)