MercyMe Discography

â ¢Bart Millard – Vocals
â ¢Robby Shaffer – Drums
â ¢Mike Scheuchzer – Guitars
â ¢Barry Graul – Guitars
â ¢Nathan Cochran â ” Bass
â ¢Jim Bryson – Keyboards


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The Generous Mr. Lovewell (2010)

â ¢This Life
â ¢The Generous Mr. Lovewell
â ¢Move
â ¢Crazy Enough
â ¢All of Creation
â ¢Beautiful
â ¢Back To You
â ¢Only You Remain
â ¢Free
â ¢Won't You Be My Love
â ¢This So Called Life

The album, "The Generous Mr. Lovewell", revolves around a fictional character we created who reminds us that we simply need to love others well. For some of us, it means that we need to put hands and feet on our ideology and rhetoric. For others, it means that we need to continue in doing well, but not stop there. We need to let people know why we are called to make a difference. Our prayer is that this album would mobilize the body of Christ to encourage people in word and deed.

It's almost like a â pay-it-forward' idea that revolves around the Cross. We are called to be servants to our neighbors, but if we don't share the gospel with them, it's almost offensive and we have only accomplished a part of what God has called us to do. We need to stop letting the world teach us theology about how to act or speak. We need to encourage one another to provide a helping hand to our neighbor, offer up random acts of kindness and share with others how our lives have been transformed by the power of the Cross. It doesn't take much action – or even many words – to make a difference both here and forever.
- Bart Millard, MercyMe


MercyMe 10 (2009)

â ¢Here With Me
â ¢So Long Self
â ¢God With Us
â ¢I Can Only Imagine
â ¢Word Of God Speak
â ¢You Reign
â ¢In The Blink Of An Eye
â ¢Hold Fast
â ¢Spoken For
â ¢Homesick | Bring The Rain
â ¢Finally Home
Bonus Tracks:
â ¢I Can Only Imagine (Symphony Version)
â ¢Only Temporary
â ¢Ten Simple Rules
â ¢In The Blink Of An Eye
â ¢You Reign
â ¢Hold Fast
â ¢So Long Self
â ¢Finally Home
â ¢Word Of God Speak
â ¢Spoken For
â ¢Bring The Rain
â ¢I Can Only Imagine
â ¢God With Us
â ¢Homesick
Bonus DVD:
â ¢Gospel Music Channels's Faith and Fame: MercyMe
â ¢The Story Behind "I Can Only Imagine"

Chronicles and highlights of 10 years of music since the release of the song I Can Only Imagine. Includes eleven #1 songs as well as three never before heard recordings, including the 10th Anniversary edition of I Can Only Imagine featuring the London Session Orchestra.

Ten years of video from MercyMe. This disc features music videos and live performance footage from across the United States. Included as a bonus is a in-depth feature of MercyMe produced by the Gospel Music Channel, as well as the story behind the song I Can Only Imagine.


All That is Within Me (2007)

â ¢Goodbye Ordinary
â ¢Time Has Come
â ¢I Know
â ¢God With Us
â ¢Sanctified
â ¢You Reign
â ¢Grace Tells Another Story
â ¢Alright
â ¢My Heart Will Fly
â ¢Finally Home

What happens when a band finds itself under remarkable pressure, having to express an entire album in just three weeks with not one note of it yet written? In the case of MercyMe, it's All That Is Within Me, the strongest and most deliberately worshipful release in the multi-platinum rock act's career yet. This record is especially for the church, but that isn't to say the album is a buttoned-down endeavor by any means. Sure, the band is an ongoing success at Christian and mainstream adult contemporary radio, but MercyMe is a rock act at heart, and the set bursts open with the revved-up punch of "Goodbye Ordinary" and "Time Has Come." Blended together into one continuous track, these introductory songs reflect a broad range of musical influences from The Beatles and Tom Petty to U2 and The Killers while the latter's message clearly defines the band's deepest allegiance: Time has come / To raise our hearts as one / And glorify the God of everything / We live our lives / For the renown of Christ / Oh, we are children of the sovereign King.

"We ultimately said, â Let's just make a record that comes out of our hearts,'" Millard says. "Among the six of us, we love all kinds of different music, but the more worshipful moments in any song always lead to our favorite moments on stage."

A week before cover art for All That Is Within Me was due, each member of MercyMe was given a disposable camera and asked to take photographs of all that is within him. The results were turned over to a designer and range from the literal (food) to the lasting (family) for the overall album and web design.


Coming Up to Breathe (2006)

â ¢Coming Up To Breathe
â ¢So Long Self
â ¢Hold Fast
â ¢Something About You
â ¢You're to Blame
â ¢No More No Less
â ¢Where I Belong
â ¢Bring the Rain
â ¢Last One Standing
â ¢One Trick Pony
â ¢3:42 am (Writers Block)
â ¢Safe and Sound
â ¢I Would Die For You

Coming Up to Breathe holds special significance for Millard and the band. "We just want to take a break and surface and take a gasp of air," he says. "We just wanted to stop for a second and kind of let our hair down."

What emerged is a veritable kaleidoscope of sounds and emotions from the exuberant celebration of the title track and the absolutely infectious song of surrender "So Long Self" to the sweeping epic "Hold Fast," which reminds us all of the strength to be found in God's presence. "There is no huge consistent theme," Millard says of the songs on the new album. "It's really just everything that was on our hearts at the time. There are some songs that reflect where we've been like "Hold Fast." It's just talking to people about when you feel like you are going to give up, just hang on because help is on the way. That's definitely based on what we've gone through and how we've made it."

The result is a record destined to stand as a milestone in an illustrious career, but what matters most to MercyMe is the impact the music will have on others. "Regardless of what you are going through in life, regardless of what you are consumed with, regardless of what fills up your everyday life," says Millard, "there are times you have to stop and surface and take a deep breath and remember what's important. That's what this album is for us. It's addressing everything we've gone through and realizing the one common denominator in all this Jesus. That's what is worth taking a breath for."


The Christmas Sessions (2005)

â ¢It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
â ¢Gloria
â ¢God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
â ¢Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
â ¢Winter Wonderland/White Christmas
â ¢Christmastime Is Here
â ¢Silent Night
â ¢Away
â ¢Drummer Boy
â ¢I Heard The Bells
â ¢O Holy Night
â ¢Joseph's Lullaby

This Christmas MercyMe puts their stamp on the holidays with The Christmas Sessions, featuring classic titles and contemporary yet recognizable melodies with "Winter Wonderland", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman", "Silent Night", "White Christmas" and more. Fully embracing the Christmas spirit, MercyMe members decided to share their favorite Christmas song from The Christmas Sessions.

Bart Millard: my favorite song is "Joseph's Lullaby."

Mike Scheuchzer: my favorite song from the record is "I Heard the Bells on Christmas" – story behind the writing of that song is amazing…the war, and hardships that Longfellow had endured and to still be able to find hope…that's what Christmas is all about…hope.

Barry Graul: my favorite song on the record is also "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day."

Robby Shaffer: my favorite song on the album is "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day."

Nathan Cochran: I would have to say that my favorite song off the album is "I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day." I had honestly not heard of this song until we found it looking for songs for the album. It's not your typical happy-go-lucky Christmas song, but it does have great meaning. The story behind it not only gives great substance to the holiday season but points all of the attention back where it should be, to our Lord of humble birth.Jim Bryson: my favorite song on the album is probably "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."


Undone (2004)

â ¢Where You Lead Me
â ¢Everything Impossible
â ¢Here With Me
â ¢In The Blink Of An Eye
â ¢Unaware
â ¢Homesick
â ¢When You Spoke My Name
â ¢A Million Miles Away
â ¢Caught Up In The Middle
â ¢Never Alone
â ¢Undone
â ¢Shine On
â ¢Keep Singing

Undone is much different than what would be expected following such monster success as Almost There. Rather than attempting to recapture the highly appealing magic of "I Can Only Imagine," MercyMe's newest guitar-driven studio effort is more mature, thought-provoking and musically experimental. Obviously, each member has grown a tremendous amount, both personally and professionally, in the last year. All six are married and three are now fathers. "Musically, we've grown probably twice what we grew between Almost There
and Spoken For," says guitarist Mike Scheuchzer. "And none of us expected it."

Indeed, Undone includes a few songs the band hoped they would never have to make. Although the band has experienced success beyond their boldest dreams, the last year has also delivered some of the worst blows of their lives. For instance, Millard had nine close friends and family members, including his 20-year-old brother-in-law, his uncle who was like a second father to him, and Bryson's father, pass away between December 2003 and March 2004. The result is the most personal album of MercyMe's career.

The CD's title track, "Undone," describes our never-ending quest for self-improvement. "We get so many different meanings out of it," says Shaffer. "We're undone from our freedom side of it or you could say we're undone as far as we're not quite to where we're going yet. We're constantly striving to get where God wants us. I don't think that we'll ever become â done' until we're in heaven."


 Spoken For (2002)

â ¢The Change Inside Of Me
â ¢All The Above
â ¢Spoken For
â ¢There's A Reason
â ¢Come One, Come All
â ¢Crazy
â ¢Word Of God Speak
â ¢Your Glory Goes On
â ¢The Love Of God
â ¢Go
â ¢All Because Of This

Spoken For, a fresh blend of rock-infused worship that shows MercyMe's growth spiritually and as songwriters. "Going in we wanted to broaden our definition of worship a bit," explains Millard. "In our indie days, the formula was â a verse and chorus and it's got to fit on a church overhead.' There are songs on Spoken For that might not be the easiest to sing along to, but we hope it will be a worship experience from beginning to end."

"The idea behind the title track is pretty simple, but it sets off the whole album," Millard says. "We take for granted that there is going to be a day when we stand before the judgment seat and are held accountable, and if we know Christ, God himself will step forward and say, â he's with me' or â she's with me.' â Their hearts are spoken for. They're covered.' That should blow our minds, and we wanted this album to reflect how grateful we need to be that God ever looked our way. If somebody listens to the album and walks away a more grateful person then we've accomplished what we've been called to do."


Almost There (2001)

â ¢Worship You
â ¢Here I Am
â ¢On My Way To You
â ¢How Great Is Your Love
â ¢I Can Only Imagine
â ¢Bless Me Indeed
â ¢Cannot Say Enough
â ¢House Of God
â ¢Call To Worship
â ¢All Fall Down
â ¢In You

The psalmist, King Davidâ ”perhaps the original "worship leader"â ”may have said it best, when he wrote "The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise." Such times of desolation and estrangement often give birth to a deeper and more satisfying relationship with our Creator. And it was a period of physical and spiritual brokenness that would birth the heart of a worshipper in Bart Millard; which would lead to the formation of MercyMe and Almost There.

Almost There contains fresh versions of "It's All Right," "In You," "Call to Worship," "Cannot Say Enough" and the band's own update of "I Can Only Imagine." Along with those proven favorites, you'll find songs such as the infectious mission statement "Send Me" and the acoustic psalm "How Great is Your Love." Bart says the band's goals for the ministry of MercyMe are quite simple. "I pray that God would use us like psalmistsâ ”it would be an immense privilege to think that a song we write might outlive this band. I pray that when people look at these five men, they see the hand of God. We want to lead people to His throne through worship. It's not about us. Any time I can step away from the microphone and listen to the body of Christ sing, I'll do it. I'd rather hear that than hear myself sing any day of the week. We hope to be doing this when praise and worship isn't â popular' anymoreâ ”but why shouldn't it continue to be? It's the reason we were created."