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January 29

Good news if your‘re saving for your kids higher education.  The Obama administration has dropped a plan to tax those 529 college savings plans.  It would have taxed any gains made with the plan when withdrawn to pay for college.  The House plans to vote next month to extend the program.

When it comes to the arts, we’re good.  Really good.  Nashville ranks second out of more than 900 communities across the U.S.  The survey done by Southern Methodist University considered things like supply and demand for art as well as government support for it.

Onesie’s are going high tech and high dollar.  Rest Devices has something called a smart baby nursery and it includes a onesie with sensors that lets you monitor your baby’s respiration and temperature from your mobile device.  It will also track whether babies are sleeping properly to help prevent SIDS.  It also comes with a $200 price tag.

The Feds are warning hotels about blocking personal wi-fi access to guests.  It’s against the law.  This all comes from a 2014 investigation that found Marriott was blocking guests access to their own personal wi-fi hot spots at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.  That was settled when they paid a 600,000 dollar penalty.

Two Tennessee cities are near the top when it comes to being the most Bible-minded in the country.  Birmingham tops the list but Chattanooga and Tri Cities rank 2nd and 3rd.  Nashville came in 14th.  The rankings based on people who read the Bible weekly and strongly believe in its accuracy.

Better to work from home or out of an office?  Home wins out according to researchers at Stanford.  Employees were 13% more productive working from home.  Many citing less noise distraction, fewer breaks and fewer sick days.  Plus there is the added bonus of sleeping just a little bit longer.

January 28

It will take a few days for cities in the northeast to get back to some sense of normal.  Even though the huge amounts of snow that were expected in Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey didn’t happen, Boston seemed to get the worst of it.  Just west of there, 30 plus inches fell.  Air travel will be a little nuts for another day or so.

Nashville is getting close to 3 ½ million dollars to provide programs and housing for the homeless.  It’s part of a 21 million dollar statewide grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The programs offered include job training, healthcare and child care.

There will be a lot of pizza sold this Sunday.  Super Bowl Sunday is a biggie for Dominos, Pizza Hut, and others who create that pie magic.  Over four million will be sold on Sunday and that will have the makers and runners working with their “A” game. 

We made the final cut.  Nashville one of four cities getting Google’s high-speed fiber optic internet service.  We were one of 34 cities being considered for the service that offers internet speeds about 10 times faster than what you have now.

A number of children in the U.S. have a food allergy and keeping them away from those foods that could cause a reaction is though when they are at school.  Sending them off with a “safe snack” box or bag is good and it also helps to let teachers and school staff know what type of allergy your child has.

We now have a better idea of what will be featured in the new Virgin Hotel going up along Music Row.  Set to open in the fall of 2016, the hotel will have 240 suites, 15 penthouse residential units, a recording studio and a venue for live entertainment.

January 27

Winter storm warnings are in effect  from Maryland to Maine as blizzard conditions continue to hit the northeast.  The storm which could bring snow down at the rate of 2 to 4 inches an hour is expected to leave an 18 inch thick blanket on New York City, a foot in Philly and 3 feet of snow is possible in eastern Long Island.

Pediatricians across the country are urging parents to make sure their kids are vaccinated for measles.  The current outbreak that started in California’s Disneyland back in mid-December has spread to six other states and Mexico.

Some good money news, or about more of it that may arrive in your paycheck.  Many U.S. companies plan to raise wages over the next three months.  Economists think that will help determine when the Federal Reserve will raise its short term interest rate which has been near zero for the last six years. 

Governor Haslam is touring the state through Thursday to promote his Insure Tennessee plan.  He has called for a special session on February 2nd on the plan that would extend health coverage to low-income Tennesseans.

Takes a lot to have those living in the northeast to clear out grocery shelves, but this big winter storm has done that.  It’s also hitting airlines hard with around 5000 flights that have been cancelled.  Many offering free rebooking for passengers flying to the northeast.  Things may not get back on schedule till the end of the week.

It’s been great, these low gas prices over the past few months, but they may have bottomed out.  The price that wholesalers paid for gas has gone up over the last 10 days and the prices that we pay could follow suit.

January 26

Big winter storm expected to hit the northeast could affect your travel out of Nashville International as soon as tonight.  Anywhere between 1 and 3 feet of snow could really cripple Philadelphia, New York and Boston with high winds also causing blizzard conditions.

Last year, milk prices were really high as global demand soared.  Now China has eased their dairy imports and sanctions against the U.S. by Russia has halted trade, so prices are dropping a bit.  Your wallet should take a lighter hit all year since those prices are expected to continue to drop.

A really big asteroid will zip by earth tonight.  It’s the size of five football fields and you may be able to see it through a strong pair of binoculars or a telescope between 10 and 11 tonight.  It will be 745,000 miles from earth when it passes. 

It will be a crowded Sumner County Commission meeting tonight.  For the first time residents will be able to let the commission know how they feel about the nearly 24% property tax increase that was approved last November.  Tonight’s meeting starts at 7.

It looks like the worst of the flu has come and gone in the state.  The CDC has downgraded flu activity in Tennessee from widespread to just regional.

So there is that game between the Patriots and Seahawks that is getting some attention, but there is also another big game on Sunday.  Two puppies that were at the Williamson County Animal Shelter will star in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl.  Mr. Fantastic and Miss Martian auditioned in and made it into the game.  Both also now have forever homes after being adopted and neither really cares how much air is in the game balls.

January 22 

The state relies a lot on fuel taxes when it comes to road building and maintenance.  Those taxes have not been raised since ’89 and right now they are at 21.4 cents-per-gallon.  A report from the Comptroller’s office says that leaves them with a challenge.  Governor Haslam is considering legislation to overhaul the state’s gas tax.

For the third year in a row, Toyota is the best selling automaker worldwide.  VW ranks second and GM third.  General Motors selling just under 10 million vehicles on the planet the past year.

The Second Harvest Food Bank   is getting a big donation of fresh fruits and vegetables.  On-line retailer Green Bean Delivery is expanding into Nashville and they giving Second Harvest one ton of produce that will benefit hundreds of families in Middle Tennessee.

 With the news from the health department that it was likely Norovirus that made some guests sick, The Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center is losing some business.   A number of companies have cancelled or moved their meetings elsewhere.  The hotel working hard at preventing others from becoming ill.

To protect against skin cancer we do the sunscreen, and you might also consider another cup of coffee.  A new study found that people drinking four or more cups a day have a 20% lower risk of developing malignant melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.  The more you drink, the better the protection.

Brentwood artist Igor Babilov( buh-buh-a-lov) has been commissioned to pair of portrait of Pope Francis.  This will be his third papal portrait and it will be unveiled at the Vatican within a few months.  Babilov has also done portraits of George W. Bush and Nelson Mandela. 

January 21

The Health Department has confirmed that three people came down with Norovirus last week at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.  They are still conducting interviews with others who were there trying to find a cause for the outbreak.

Titans President and CEO Tommy Smith says the team is not for sale.  There is speculation that Peyton Manning could potentially buy the team when he retires and Smith responded to that one calling it quote “nonsense”.  He says improving on the 2-14 record of this past season is what he’s committed to.

One smart 8th grader in California has come up with a much cheaper Braille printer.  The 13 year old boy came up with the prototype made of LEGO’s for a science fair exhibit.  Intel was impressed and has put money into the printer that would sell for around 500 dollars instead of 2 thousand and up.

Congress starts talking about net neutrality today.  Both the House and Senate are floating bills that would ban cable and phone companies from blocking or slowing down internet traffic.  The measure would also make it illegal to speed up stuff for content providers who paid a little more for that.

Murfreesboro is asking residents to complete a survey on the needs of the homeless.  The city looking for ways to help those that are homeless and those about to lose everything.

We’re feeling better about the economy.  A new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll finds 45% of us are satisfied with it.  That feel good has gone up 10 points in 5 months.

If you are a red velvet cake person, get ready for the Red Velvet Oreo.  It hits shelves next month.   The company worked on it for 18 months and the smell will remind you of the cake.  Your taste buds will be the final judge.

January 20

The takeover bid of Family Dollar by Goodlettsville based Dollar General appears to be heading further south.  Stock holders of Family Dollar are expected to vote on Thursday on a merger with Dollar Tree.  Even though The Dollar General bid was higher too many regulatory obstacles would come with it.  The lower did from Dollar Tree comes with less hoops to jump through.

If you have a college student make sure you pay close attention to those debit and pre-paid cards they get from the college.  Some of the terms contained in those cards are not the best.  Some have policies that nudge students toward repeated overdraft fees.

Some are viewing the family dynamic differently now.  Men being the head of the household is declining.  Thirty-seven percent of women in the worldwide survey say children are better off if mothers don’t work outside the home.  A majority of both men and women say technology is ruining childhood. 

Last year there were about 1 million children who ate three meals a day at school.  Dinner or an after school snack offered to the kids before they headed home.  Some in need of those meals but a few parents also say when their kids eat before coming home that frees up time for family activities, homework and sports.

A state Senator in Oklahoma is introducing a bill that would provide Bible education for students.  Kyle Loveless says one of his districts wanted to start the program that was created by Hobby Lobby President Steve Green.

The first Nashville Restaurant Week of the year is underway.  A chance for you to dine out while saving a little money on that meal.  We have a list of participating restaurants at http://nashvilleoriginals.com/nashville-restaurant-week/

January 19

With the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, many communities will honor his legacy today.  The 2nd day of service put together by Hands on Nashville will have volunteers working on the community centers at four Metro Parks.  There is a ceremony honoring Dr. King at 11 in LaVergne behind city hall.  All day events at Discovery Center in Murfreesboro and also at Belmont and Vanderbilt University’s.

President Obama delivers the State of the Union address tomorrow night.  Reforming the tax code will be a big part of the speech.  The President will propose tax hikes for the wealthiest American’s totaling 320 billion dollars over 10 years.

Over 200 construction workers are on the job around the clock, 7 days a week trying to get the new stadium for the Sounds ready for the new season.  Everything is on schedule with the first game at First Tennessee Park set for April 17th.

After being sworn in for his second term on Saturday, Governor Haslam gets back to work this week.  Tomorrow he will attend a public hearing at Fort Campbell on proposed cuts at the base.  The Army is projecting a nationwide personnel reduction of between 40 and 70 thousand.

Take frozen roads and add rain and that turned into not a good mix in part of the northeast on Sunday.  Slick roads caused a 30 car pileup west of Philadelphia that closed an interstate.  Streets and roads were also shut down in New York City, on Long Island and in New Jersey.

The Franklin Fire Department is taking applications for their annual Citizens’ Fire Academy.  You have to be 21 or over for the classes that meet on Thursday evenings beginning in late March.  For more info http://www.franklintn.gov/government/fire

January 16

Been to Nashville International lately and it seems busier than you remember, there is a reason for that.  New non-stop service to San Francisco and added service to Jamaica, Mexico and the Dominican Republic helped the airport set a record for the number of passengers in 2014.  More than 11 million zipped through our airport.

Its tax time and budget cuts and increased workloads at the IRS may make it a struggle for you to get help if you need it.  A report says at most, only half the calls will get through and if you are fortunate to get through, the wait on hold could average 30 minutes.

To honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Hands on Nashville will have their MLK Days of Service.  800 volunteers are needed to work on improving four metro parks tomorrow and again on Monday.  To register or get more info, go to http://www.hon.org/mlkday

President Obama wants congress to pass legislation on paid leave.  Workers could earn as much as 7 days of paid sick leave per year.  He’s also asking for 2 billion dollars that would go to state and local governments for paid family and medical leave.

More construction headed to downtown Nashville.  Ground has been broken for the new 27 story Westin Hotel at the 8th Avenue roundabout.  It is scheduled to be up and welcoming guests by the summer of 2016.

Still getting those Robocalls?  You can’t totally get them out of your life but you can reduce them by doing a few things.  In a transaction if someone asks for your phone number, don’t give it.  When you get a call, avoid the temptation to press a number.  That just lets them know you are responding and that means you will get even more calls.

January 15

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander is working on a rewrite of the No Child Left Behind Act.  It’s been criticized for relying on students raw test scores as opposed to their growth.  Alexander says he will continue to meet with committee members this week and next to get their feedback and move the rewrite forward.

Maybe a little slower through airport security as more random checks of passengers will be done.  This after threats from al-Qaeda.

After very little snow and a little ice that shut down or delayed some middle Tennessee schools on Wednesday we will not have any of that today.  Just cloudy and cold.

Does smiling cause wrinkles?  Not exactly.  Dermatologists say it has more to do with your aging skin losing its elasticity.  That’s good news since smiling or laughing boosts your immune system and lowers stress.  As the lyric to the 70’s song goes:  “you got to keep on smilin’, just keep on smilin’”. 

Applications for home mortgages in the U.S. are surging, up nearly 50% in the past week.  The recent good news that  job openings are at their highest since 2001 has a lot to do with that.

The Franklin Fire Department wants to help you stay safe.  They are offering free self-defense training to women who live and work in Williamson County.  The training is over four sessions that begin the middle of February.  For info or to register, head to 

 Do you take that aspirin a day to take better care of your heart?  Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine say 10% who are advised to take it daily to reduce the risk of a heart attack may not need it at all, and may be causing other problems.  As always, talk to your doctor about it before you stop or start the daily intake.

January 14

If you live in Sumner County and you’re not happy about the 20% property tax hike that was approved in November, you will have a chance to sound off.  Monday night, commissioners agreed to hear public comments at a meeting on the 23rd.  The hike would bring in 16 million dollars to the county.

Facebook is taking a step to help keep our kids safe.  They will work with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to send Amber alerts to the mobile phones of users who are in a search area where a child has been abducted.

Something for the younger kids this weekend.  The Act Too Players will present Disney’s “101 Dalmatians Kids” at the Franklin Theater.  Two shows Saturday and Sunday.  For times and ticket info 

 American doctor Rick Sacra, who survived an Ebola infection, is going back to West Africa.  He will leave for Liberia tomorrow to again volunteer at a hospital run by the SIM missionary group.

Nashville area 7th, 8th, and 9th graders have an opportunity to see the civil rights drama “Selma” for free now through Monday.  Paramount is teaming up with local business leaders on the offer.  Students will have to show a student ID or report card at the box office.  For a list of participating theaters just head towww.selmastudenttickets.com

Lawmakers in Mississippi want to make the Bible the state’s official book.  They say they’re introducing the bill to encourage people to read the Bible and be inspired to treat others with respect.  The measure already has 20 co-sponsors, both Republican and Democrats.

January 13

A study from U.T. says Governor Haslam’s Insure Tennessee could create 15,000 jobs and bring in 1.4 billion dollars in new spending to the state.  An estimated 200,000 of  the 470,000 eligible Tennesseans would participate in the proposed version of Medicaid expansion.

President Obama is proposing new laws to protect your privacy.  One would require companies to let you know within 30 days if your personal info was compromised in a data breach.  Another would ban educational software companies from selling info they collect from students.

The statewide average for a gallon of gas has now reached that magical point of less than two dollars a gallon.  In middle Tennessee you’ll find some priced in the $1.79 range.  Those that follow these things say the price may increase come spring and summer but for now we’ll just enjoy the present. 

While prices at the pump continue falling, talk about a gas tax hike has been rising.  Tennessee Senator Bob Corker thinks it should increase by 12 cents over two years to help fund infrastructure repairs and improvements.    Senator Corker also wants to cut the Federal Income Tax to balance things out.

Do you look at the glass as being half full?  The American Heart Association runs seven heart health checks and they have found that those who are optimistic had way better heart health.

Those in management say what troubles them most in for office is when you view a text and reply or take a call on your Smartphone at inopportune times.  They say that’s rude and inconsiderate in the workplace.  Also when it comes to workplace etiquette, improper clothing also rubs them the wrong way.

January 12

State lawmakers return to work at the capitol tomorrow.  Among key issues this session will be education, Medicaid expansion and regulations on abortion.

The CDC is urging doctors to prescribe antiviral drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza to help compensate for this year’s less effective flu vaccine.  High levels of flu activity are now reported in 46 states.  It is increasing in some, but the good news is that the level is decreasing in a few others.

One of the hottest teams in the NHL right now are our Predators.  The team is riding a three game winning streak and they are on the Bridgestone arena ice for a couple of games this week, tomorrow night and again Friday night.  The Preds currently lead the central division of the Western conference.

Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris on Sunday taking part in that city’s massive anti-terror rally.  While there he   said America’s allies will meet at the White House next month for a security summit to find ways to counteract violent extremism.

The rain ends today and even though it will turn a little cold tomorrow, it’s nothing like we went through last week.  Daytime highs through the middle of the week will be in the 30’s but at night we will not be dealing with any single digit lows.

College football’s national champion will be decided tonight in Dallas.  Ohio State and Oregon meet in the title game and that will also have pizza delivery people scouring neighborhoods throughout middle Tennessee this evening.

January 9

A big discovery in the field of medicine.  Researchers say by digging in the dirt in Maine they discovered an anti-biotic that is resistant to bacteria for 30 years or longer.  They say it can destroy germs that cause MRSA and drug resistant Tuberculosis cells.

Cold patrol teams from the Nashville Rescue Mission are still on the streets offering rides back to the mission to the homeless out in the cold.  You can help keep them warm by donating coats, hats, gloves, sweats and shoes.  You can drop them off at the mission donation center on 7th Avenue South.  Metro Animal Control also patrolling neighborhoods for pets left out in the cold.

After a few days indoors out of the cold, you will be ready to get out.   One option is checking out the Nashville Boat Show.  It continues through Sunday at the Music City Center.  Kids 15 and under get in free.

 We hope you, your pipes and heat are hanging in there with all the cold.  We’ll be in the teens tonight but by Sunday we’ll make it into the low 40’s.  Not quite ice cream weather, unless you are a die-hard.

The YMCA of Middle Tennessee says they are no longer looking at Mt. Juliet for a new, full service facility.  The Valley Center location was closed last year and the Y people say there is not enough demand for membership to build the new one.

Why, we don’t know.  A Pennsylvania man has over 75,000 items of McDonald’s memorabilia.  Mike Fountaine started working for the chain in ’68 when he was 15 and has been collecting ever since.  He has every happy meal toy that has come out and so much other stuff that the collection takes up 9 rooms in his home.  Fountaine still works for McDonald’s, running two of their locations.

January 8

Not only is the bitter cold affecting schools throughout Middle Tennessee, but it may also change the way you operate for the next few days.  Before you leave the house this morning it’s a good idea to take a blanket and extra coat in case the vehicle breaks down.  Its way too cold to ski, but the bright spot is that the snowmaking continues at Ober Gatlinburg.

The positive trend in U.S. job growth continues.  Two hundred forty one thousand new jobs were added in December.  16 thousand more than predicted.

What is it on the breakfast menu at your house this morning?  Is it the usual breakfast items or something a little different, like last night’s leftover pizza?  Eighty percent of us say we don’t have a problem with those saved slices for breakfast.  Maybe it was something we developed a fondness for in college.

The weather is the big story.  Danger level cold and we’re not going to warm up much between now and Saturday.  The latest winter blast sent wind chills to 50 below in Northern Minnesota and North Dakota.  It also dropped a bunch of lake effect snow in the Great Lakes region. 

You will spend a little more this year when you travel.  Airfares are expected to increase slightly but that hotel room will cost about 6% more than it did in 2014.  Most of us will not let those prices keep us from that vacation.  8 in 10 saying that is when they really get happy.

A week from Saturday across from the Capitol on the plaza, Governor Haslam will be sworn in for his second term.  Following that you can tour the Capitol and the following day, Sunday the 18th the Governors residence will also be open for tours.

January 7

January is the month you want to make sure the heating bill is paid on time.  Bundle the kids up as you send them off to school this morning.   By this afternoon our temps will drop into the teens and we will have winds gusting over 30 miles per hour which will send the wind chill down below zero.  Very cold overnight when we drop down to 6.

In Jerusalem, archaeologists believe they’ve found the site where Jesus was put on trial before Pilate.  One professor says the site is similar to descriptions in the book of John.

You carry a Coach bag and now the company is branching downward.  Paying over 500 million dollars for designer footwear company Stuart Weitzman.

The young and talented Act Too Players are getting ready to stage “101 Dalmatians Kids”.  It will be on the Franklin Theater Stage on Saturday and Sunday the 17th and 18th.  For info on tickets and show times just visit http://secure.franklintheatre.com/websales/pages/info.aspx?evtinfo=91979~cfe40b7d-1c56-4c4b-b937-600bdd7c5904&

The Nashville Rescue Mission has had their cold patrol out on the streets and that will be the case again tonight.  Bitterly cold weather on the way as we drop into the teens this afternoon and single digits tonight.  The mission housing 900 per night and many churches are also taking in those without a warm place to sleep.

There are a lot of American’s who are getting their extra doses of caffeine.  Thanks to last minute Christmas shoppers who bought 46 million Starbucks gift cards.  That comes out to one in 7 that are getting their post holiday jolt.

The Girl Scouts are currently taking orders for cookies.  Booth sales in Middle Tennessee start next month.  Even though they are not available everywhere there are three new cookies to seek out.  “Toffee-Tastic”, “Trios” which is a peanut butter, chocolate chip and oats creation and “Rah-Rah Raisins” are the three newbie’s.

January 6

140 soldiers from St. Campbell are back in the U.S. after helping in the fight against the Ebola virus.  They will stay at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia for 3 weeks while they are monitored to ensure they were not infected.  A total of 700 Fort Campbell soldiers were deployed to Liberia in early October.

GM is recalling 92,000 2011 and 2012 Chevy Silverado’s, Suburban’s and Tahoe models for a faulty ignition switch.  Cadillac Escalades, The Avalanche GMC Sierra and Yukon models are also a part of the callback.

The Consumer Electronics Show starts today in Las Vegas and that is when we find out about all the new electronic stuff that companies will be offering up.  Get ready for a lot of “Smart Home” technology.  Home automation products are expected to be a big part of the show.

For the second year in a row, Tennessee is the top state for economic growth.  Business Facilities magazine gave us the top spot for boosting jobs and capital investments through company relocations and expansions.  The Under Armour fulfillment center coming to Mt. Juliet and the new Bridgestone corporate tower downtown are a couple of reasons we lead that list.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will be in the state on Friday.  They will visit Knoxville and Clinton to talk new incentives to get Americans to go to college and manufacturing jobs.  In was just a month ago the President was in Nashville.

Ohio State and Oregon play for the college football title Monday night.  Buckeye fans are trying to convince the mayor of Oregon, Ohio to change the name of the city for a day to something like Buck Town, Brutusville or Buckeyeville.  So far the mayor says it will stay Oregon, Ohio on Monday.

January 5

The start of what will turn into a very cold week in Middle Tennessee.  Now today and tomorrow will not be bad, but then we hit a stretch where highs will only be in the 20’s with sunshine, and our low Thursday morning will be around 6.

An American medical worker is back in the U.S. to be monitored for the Ebola virus at a hospital in Omaha.  The unidentified worker was exposed to the virus while providing healthcare in Sierra Leone.

Legislators getting back to work and one thing they will consider is a bill that would require high school students to pass a citizenship test before they could graduate.  Some say that the bill would put another burden on teachers.

Midweek we get our coldest weather so far this winter.  Thursday morning we’ll be in the single digits and our highs will be in the 20’s.  It’s already hitting parts of the country like Chicago where the high will be 4 on Wednesday.  Single digits for highs in Minneapolis today through Wednesday.

Construction in neighborhoods waking some up earlier than they want.  Metro Council is considering a ban on that work from 9pm to 7am.  Some neighborhoods have noise ordinances that prohibit it already, but that is not the case in So Bro, downtown and midtown.

December 31
If your holiday travel will take you west of here, there could be a few delays.  A big winter storm has brought more than a foot of show to parts of Northern Arizona, Southern Utah and Southwest Colorado.  Tonight into tomorrow morning, the Las Vegas strip may even get snow.  Sleet and freezing drizzle is also a possibility for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The CDC says this year’s flu is at an epidemic level.  There are 22 states reporting high flu activity.  Fortunately here in Tennessee ours remains at a low level.

While we ring in 2015 with the black eyed peas, greens and pork Cuba, Austria, Hungary and Portugal also welcome in the New Year with bacon, pork chops and ribs.  In Poland and the Netherlands they down donuts for good luck. 

A year ago in Nashville you were paying 3.12 a gallon for gas.  Thanks to low crude prices and the U.S. stepping up production, our prices are now below 2 dollars a gallon.  The lowest they’ve been at the holidays in six years.

Cold tonight for the “Bash on Broadway” as we head to the mid 20’s.  They are expecting near record low temperatures tonight in Pasadena ahead of tomorrow’s Tournament of Roses Parade. Many people camp out overnight and officials are worried about some who may suffer hypothermia.

Shop wisely heading into the new year.  So many of us are eating avocados and that is sending their price up.  Both UPS and Fedex are increasing prices by nearly 5%.  Some good news.  Even though there is a waitlist of more than 100,000, LL Bean will not raise the price of those hard to get Duck Boots.