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September 19

Hoping to encourage students to graduate in four years, Middle Tennessee State is changing their financial aid package.  It will supplement the Hope Lottery Scholarships of incoming students who stay on track to graduate.  The school is also lowering the minimum ACT scores required to qualify for five major scholarships.

A little stuffier on I-65 in Franklin this weekend.  TDOT is closing the interstate in each direction at Peytonsville Road so crews can demolish the bridge damaged by that tanker crash in August.  That work will begin tonight at 8.

Texting while driving is against the law in many states.  But if you pull up beside someone you may still see it happening.  Law enforcement getting a new aid to help in that battle.  A radar gun being developed that can detect when a driver is texting.

When the Sounds open their season next April, not only will they be playing in the new First Tennessee Park, they will also be the triple A affiliate of the Oakland A’s.  It’s a four year deal for the Sounds and this will be the seventh major league club the team has partnered with since ’78.

Have friends or family in California, time to check in with him.  Dozens of wildfires are burning across the state.  Thousands of firefighters will be working this weekend to get them under control.  A big blaze around Lake Tahoe is threatening over two thousand homes.

Franklin Fire and Police are helping keep our kids safe.  They are holding two free car seat check-up events.  Today from 2 till 4 at Fire Station 4 on Fieldstone Pkwy.   The second one will be on Saturday at Fire Station 2 on Murfreesboro Road from 9 to 11.  Part of Child Passenger Safety Week.

September 18

The time of year when companies start hiring seasonal workers.  UPS, hoping to avoid a situation they encountered last Christmas when they were swamped is hiring between 90 and 95 thousand  to work from October through January.   If you’re interested you can apply at

A lot of people have visited the National 9-11 museum in New York.  Since opening four months ago they have had more than a million visits.  People coming in from all 50 states and more than 130 countries.

Would you sacrifice a promotion and even a pay raise for a happy workplace?  Many workers do to get happy.  There are things you can do where you work to get a little of that happy.  When it’s time to go home go.  Establishing a quitting time and then sticking to it helps many.  Assisting the office grouch also works since givers tend to be happier.

After a Metro School board member requested a full audit of recess times for elementary and middle schools in Davidson, attention was paid to the results.  Every principal at Metro’s 73 elementary schools has agreed to add 5 extra minutes making recess at least 20 minutes per day.

The group SafeKids Worldwide says 9 out of 10 parents stop using booster seats too soon because their kid’s age is the only factor they consider.   The actual recommendations are based on height and weight and that important guideline is that the child must be at least 57 inches tall to be bucked in without the booster.

Thousands of veterans already work for UBER.  The ride sharing service is taking that a step further.  They are teaming up with the non-profit “Hiring Our Veterans” in the hopes of putting 50 thousand more vets to work.

September 17

United Airlines is the only major carrier that lost money in the last quarter so they will be cost cutting.  Flight attendants have been offered buyouts of as much as 100 thousand dollars.  United hoping more than 2000 of their 23,000 attendants take the deal. 

The Nashville Ballet is teaming up with the Belmont University School of Music for a free performance of the Children’s ballet “Ferdinand the Bull”.  On stage Saturday afternoon at 2 at Belmont’s Massey Performing Arts Center.  Free tickets here:

Go to get a cup of coffee and the pot is empty.  Someone got the last cup and didn’t make a new pot.  Could be  that a member of the media, a cop or a teacher are nearby.  They are the biggest drinkers of coffee.  Members of these three groups drinking four or more cups per day.

Bravo Development has yet to say what they plan to do with RCA Studio A, but they have told tenants they have until November 30th to vacate the space.  Many artists who rent space there have rallied to save it.  Bravo says both the 20,000 square foot building and studio are in extremely poor condition.

If you brush with Crest, a change is coming.  Proctor and Gamble is changing an ingredient in the paste.  Polyethylene is used in Crest more than any other toothpaste and they are taking it out after a hygienist noticed a number of patients with small blue specks imbedded in their gum line.  All were crest users

This would be a great family day.  Tennessee State Parks inviting you to be a part of National Public Lands Day on Saturday the 27th.  Each of the 55 parks in the state will have scheduled hikes and volunteer opportunities where you can help plant trees, remove litter and build trails.  More details at

September 16

In a matter of weeks, Tennesseans will vote on an amendment that would bar lawmakers from ever imposing a state income tax.  Twelve years ago another attempt to get us to pay state income tax failed.

This is Child Passenger Safety Week and Franklin Fire and Police are holding two free car seat check-up events.  The first is Friday from 2 till 4 at Fire Station 4 on Fieldstone Pkwy.   The second one will be on Saturday at Fire Station 2 on Murfreesboro Road from 9 to 11.

When you’re on the road do you leave a tip for the maid who takes care of your hotel room?  Seventy per cent say they usually leave one.  If you will be staying at a Marriott, Courtyard, Residence Inn, Ritz Carlton or Renaissance hotel you’ll get a reminder.  They have all started leaving an envelope in the room with a message to leave a gratuity in it.

Nashville’s latest greenway is now open.  Peeler Park is where you will now find 3 ½ miles of walking trails and 8 miles worth of equestrian trails.  Part of the city’s Open Space Preservation Plan, an effort to keep 3 thousand acres as park land.

Do you have hopes of getting the Apple I-phone 6?  It officially goes on sale at the Apple Store on Friday but in the first 24 hours of pre-sale four million were sold and the site crashed for a while.  There have also been reports that the think has sold out.

Might be some truth to that saying “when mama’s happy, everybody’s happy”.  Some 400 couples were studied and one of the most powerful influences on a good marriage was a happy wife.

September 15

That severe respiratory virus affecting children and those with asthma is moving east.  New York the latest state to report a confirmed case.  Kentucky, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa are other states with confirmed cases.  Others are investigating outbreaks of what could be the same virus.

The price of our food continues to go up.  The orange could be the next one that dents your wallet with the Florida crop the smallest in 50 years.  The cost of chocolate and butter is also on the rise along with cheese which might have you creating a cheeseless pie.

Walmart put together a panel of kids between 18 months and 12 years to figure out the hottest toys of the year.  Holiday list handy?  A Kidzoom Smartwatch is a favorite along with a Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa, and a go-cart like Razor Crazy Cart.

Part of I-65 in Franklin will be closing this weekend so crews can remove the bridge damaged by that tanker explosion.  One lane in each direction will be shut down between 8pm and 5am at mile marker 61 beginning Friday night through Monday morning.

You go to the doctor and they suggest a shot or two, but do you really need them?  The flu shot is a yes and it’s recommended every year.  A Pneumonia vaccine is also a good idea if you have heart disease, diabetes or asthma.  If you have a question about a shot, just ask the doctor.

Pop-Tarts turned 50 on Sunday.  Frosted Strawberry remains the most popular tart taste, and we gave Kellogg’s a break when they tried to get us to like Chocolate Peppermint and Wild Water Melon Pop-Tarts.  For the past 32 years, sales have gone up every single year.



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