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August 28

GM will start producing the Cadillac SRX at their plant in Spring Hill.  At a Wednesday press conference the company said they will also invest 185 million dollars to make small gas engines at the facility. About 1600 currently work at the plant. 

A group wants banking regulators to get tougher with banks when it comes to overdraft protection programs.  Even though it’s supposed to be an opt in thing, they don’t exactly make that clear to customers.  Banks generated nearly 32 billion in revenue from overdrafts last year.

Pregnant Panda’s in China usually get some TLC.  A single room, air conditioning and better food.  Wildlife people say a 6 year old female faked a pregnancy to get all that.  Once inside the room her behavior and bodily indexes returned to normal.  That is one clever bear.

It will be a lot busier in Music City tonight.   The Titans wrap up their pre-season with a 7 o’clock game at LP Field against the Vikings.  And Vanderbilt begins their college football season at home against Temple.  Kickoff for that one is just after 8.

Things back to normal now at Time Warner Cable.  A big disruption knocked out both cable and internet to customers nationwide.  Think any kind of rebate may come from all this?

Heard stories about children being rescued when left inside a hot vehicle.  Would you do the same for a dog or cat?  9 in 10 of us say absolutely.  Women more inclined to act when spotting a dog or cat in danger.

August 27

With all Metro students getting a free lunch, parents have some more paperwork to wrap up.  A survey on family income and how many people live in your house needs to be signed and returned by today.  The info will determine how much state money Metro schools will get.

Satisfied with your car?  Most aren’t.  The satisfaction level is at a five year low.  Luxury cars like Audi, BMW, Cadillac and Acura are all down.  Mercedes-Benz a favorite for American’s followed by Subaru and Lexus.

College Football season is here.  Vanderbilt opens theirs tomorrow night at home against Temple.  Some international students at Vandy got prepped for all that by attending “The Football 101” program earlier this week to get them familiar with the game that keeps us on edge from fall to winter.

Even though flu season doesn’t really begin till October, health officials are already telling parents that now is a good time to get the kids a flu shot.  Early September is recommended for those 6 months and older.  This year’s vaccine is already being shipped and should be in place over the next couple of weeks.

The King is heading north of the border.  Burger King buying Canadian donut chain Tim Horton’s.  Tax inversion now comes into play.  When two international companies merge, the company with the lowest corporate tax rate becomes the new headquarters.  So Burger King will leave Florida and set up shop in Canada.

If you travel on business, what do you look for in a hotel?  Cleanliness would be the obvious but business travelers say it’s free WI-FI.  Even more important than the hotels location. 

August 26

The unofficial end of summer comes with the Labor Day weekend.  With many of us hitting the road there is a bright spot. Gas prices are 18 cents cheaper than they were last Labor Day.  With the long holiday weekend the Tennessee Highway Patrol will be stepping up their efforts to keep you safe.

The Obama administration in a move to appease religious groups and businesses who object to paying for contraceptive care for their female employees has issued a new rule.  Employers opposed to paying for that care can file their complaints directly with the government instead of going through insurers.

Many restaurant chains are taking the less is more approach.  They are cutting then number of items on their menus.  The thinking is that will result in faster service, hotter food and less confusion for some customers who just can’t decide on what they want.

45 million dollars is what the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation says they city received in hotel occupancy tax money in the last fiscal year.  That makes it the best year in the city’s history.  October, March and June were record setting months.

Is your teen getting enough sleep on school nights?  Pediatricians say no and that school should start later for them.  Lack of sleep linked to poor health and bad grades.  Most teens get less than 7 hours on school nights when 8 ½ to 9 ½ is recommended.

The Sounds final game at Greer Stadium is tomorrow night.  Next year they will play at the new First Tennessee Park at Sulpher Dell.  Current season ticket holders are picking their seats now.  Season tickets for the general public go on sale a week from today.

August 25

The word from TDOT is that the Peytonsville Overpass, destroyed by that tanker explosion should reopen by November 27th is all goes as planned.  The second bridge is set to be torn down the weekend of September 15th and construction on that one will begin next year.

American Airlines is changing their policy when it comes to unaccompanied minors.  Starting September 3rd, kids between 5 and 14 who fly solo will pay an additional $150 each way.  The old policy covered those between 5 and 11.

One way to stay a bit cooler this week.  The new Ford Ice Center at Global Mall at the Crossings is offering free skating periods throughout the week.  The facility, which officially opens September 12th, will be the home for Preds practices and the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy.  More info at:|NSH|PREDSICE

Five Sumner County Schools are looking real good in the eyes of the State Department of Education.  Jack Anderson Elementary, Bethpage, Oakmont, Union and Merrol Hyde Magnet have received Reward status by the state.

6 year old Michael Sloan of White House continues to show progress after nearly drowning last month.  Over the weekend the community got together for a fundraiser at First Baptist in Goodlettsville.  $17,000 was raised to help the family purchase a wheelchair accessible van.

Also on Saturday another pre-season win for the Titans.  A 24-17 come from behind thing against the Falcons in Atlanta.  They close out the pre-season with a Thursday night game against the Vikings at LP Field.

August 22

A week ago today, the application period started for Governor Haslam’s Tennessee Promise.  So far more than a thousand students have applied for the plan that offers free tuition at two year colleges to any high school graduate in the state.

If you bought the kids a Brita Water bottle, check it.  There have been reports of the plastic lids breaking into small pieces which could result in a cut.  More than 400 thousand of the bottles with cartoon characters on them are being recalled.

The weekend brings with it another Trevecca Nazarene University Faith night with the Sounds and the Fish.  This is the last one for the season.  Join us Sunday evening for a pre first pitch concert featuring Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  All the info is at   

Check all your financial info if you have used the credit or debit card at a UPS Store.  The company says a computer virus may have exposed your info from the card.  51 stores were hit in 24 states, including Tennessee.

The Sounds wrap up their season at Greer next Wednesday but on Monday current season ticket holders and those who put down a deposit will get first crack at seats in the New First Tennessee Park at Sulpher Dell.  The rest of the season tickets go on sale the day after Labor Day.

Do you pay attention during those conference calls or do you drift elsewhere?  Most say the lack of supervision during those calls has then doing emails, texting or checking social media.  Some even on-line shop on conference calls which is not the kind of multi-tasking the boss had in mind.

August 21

How would you feel  if your neighbors could dictate what you can and cannot do to your home?  Metro Council has passed a new law with a set of guidelines that deal with how large and tall a home can be.  Residents have to request the overlay to apply it to their block or neighborhood.  Supporters say it would help preserve the neighborhoods character.

The FDA is recalling peanut and almond butters because of possible salmonella contamination.  The brands are Arrowhead Mills and MaraNatha that were sold at Kroger, Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

MoNay Davis is an inspiration to the kids and a history maker too.  The 13 year old who became the first girl to pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series last week now has another honor.  She is the first little league player to be big and bold on the cover of “Sports Illustrated”.

While construction continues on the Goose Creek/Peytonsville Bridge, some changes have come along to keep your safe.  A temporary fire station and staging area has been set up at Ag Expo Park.  The will allow firefighters and EMS to quickly respond to the southeastern part of Franklin.  It will be in place for about 90 days, the time frame for completion of the new bridge.

Many say you can’t beat the coffee at McDonalds and you will get the chance to brew some up at home.  Their McCafe brand will be hitting supermarket shelves next year.

The Wall Street Journal asked their readers about what age is right for kids to use electronic devices and   many say they start early as long as it’s used as a learning tool and not an electronic babysitter.  Moderation was also brought up a lot.  So when should kids get to use electronic gadgets?  One reader said it’s simple:  Just after they purchase one.

August 20

Moms, you may be able to relate to this.  Lyndi Trischer is a police officer in Florence, Kentucky who is 7 ½ months pregnant.  Those 10 hour shifts even more physically demanding now which is why she asked for light duty.  She was able to take a desk job last year when pregnant for the first time but a policy change was made.  She now has to stay on patrol or use up all her sick days and vacation.

The American missionary who became ill with Ebola in Liberia is not showing signs of the disease.  Nancy Writebol is still hospitalized at Emory Hospital in Atlanta and just completed a 21 day health monitoring period.

Nashville Restaurant Week has started.  Through Sunday over 50 restaurants are offering special prices on their menu favorites.  For a list of those restaurants, head to

Community Health Systems, based in Franklin says its computers have been hacked.  Four and a half million records of medical patients were put at risk although no financial or medical information was affected.  CHS is taking additional steps to avoid a further attack.

There has been no confirmation from the Vatican, but Pope Francis is considering a tour of the U.S. next year.  Most likely in the fall of 2015 that could have him dropping in on Washington, New York and Philadelphia.

Yawning, we all do it, but why.  Scientists say when our brains get hot, that’s nature’s way of cooling it down.   That’s one reason why you may find yourself doing it more during the summer.  Yawning is also contagious, especially when we’re in the company of family and friends.

August 19

So who will take over the Family Dollar empire?  It just might be Goodlettsville based Dollar General.   They upped the ante to take over the company by putting in a bid totaling 9.7 billion dollars.  That’s 1.2 billion more than the bid Dollar Tree made last month.

If your browser is Internet Explorer, that thing has really been dragging.  A series of updates that Microsoft released really bogged things down if you use explorer versions 7 to 11.  A hotfix is available to get you back up to speed on the company’s website.

Between work, the kid’s activities and all that, we’re down to spending only about an hour a day relaxing.  The latest poll also finds that two-thirds of us say we’d be more relaxed if we didn’t have any electronic gadgets or internet access.  About 28 per cent get stressed out at the thought of relaxing.

The largest freshman class ever at Belmont University is settling in on campus.  This is the schools welcome week and more than 1700 students are expected to participate in a service project at 13 sites across Nashville.  Belmont also opened a new 186,000 square foot academic center in time for fall classes.

Communities around Fort Campbell are asking residents to write letters to the Army hoping to avoid significant cuts at the post.  Back in July the Army said half the civilian and military workforce, about 16,000, would be cut. 

If you are not getting any satisfaction when you deal with customer service, change the approach.  Being polite and using please and thank you can go a long way.  Also take notes in case there is follow up contact and if you are emailing a complaint, be brief.  Shorter is better. 

August 18

Some Williamson County students and parents have a challenge this morning.  Following the crash that affected bridges at I-65 and Peytonsville Road, Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney is asking parents to get the kids on a bus to school to avoid congestion.  Some bus route times may double.

Nothing like the smell bacon when it’s being cooked up, but that may be an aroma we don’t get as often.  A deadly virus has wiped out 10% of the entire U.S. herd of pigs and that has bacon at an all time high of 6.11 per pound.  If that keeps up we may just be doing LT’s instead of BLT’S.

After a loss to the Saints over the weekend, the Titans are now 1 and 1 in the pre-season.  Up next is a trip to Atlanta to take on the Falcons Saturday night.

Parents and students in Williamson County will need some patience this morning.  The district is encouraging parents to let their kids take the bus to school this morning following Friday’s tanker crash.  Some bus route information has changed and you can check that at

Even though they are out of the running for the title, the South Nashville little league team has a few more days at the Little League World Series in Williamsport.  Tomorrow they will play a consolation game against Vancouver.

We believe we are a friendly city to visit and Conde Nast Traveler agrees.  Nashville ranked the 8th Friendliest City in the U.S.  We get positives for our music scene, downtown area and the Frist Center.

August 15

To help keep you safe when you’re on the roads the Governors Highway Safety Office has kicked off a campaign to crack down on drunken driving.  Law enforcement across the state will be keeping a keen eye on that throughout the campaign that begins today and runs through Labor Day.

Check your chicken nuggets.  Have an 8 ounce box of frozen Applegate Naturals they are part of a recall.  Perdue makes them and they sent out the alert after some customers found small pieces of plastic in their nuggets.

For the weekend a reminder that tomorrow is Fish Family Fun Day at Nashville Shores.  Join us all day at an extra special low price for all kinds of fun activities.  

Friends and family that couldn’t make the trip and a few others will be focused on ESPN later today as the little leaguers from South Nashville play their first game in the Little League World Series.  They will go against the team from Philadelphia this afternoon at 2.

If you have been trying to cut back on the coffee for one reason or another, the cost might help you accomplish that goal.  The makers of Folgers and Maxwell house raised prices in June and now it’s going up on the K-cup.  Keurig says they’ll hike it up 9 per cent in November.  Global coffee prices have gone up 55% over the past year.

Ebay crashed earlier this week and there’s concern the internet is running out of space.  Experts say parts of the web are already at full capacity and smartphones and tablets are a big part of the problem since they clog up routers with a lot of extra traffic.



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