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October 1

The Department of Children’s Services says security protocols were likely not followed and that led to Friday’s escape of 13 teens from the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center.   As the investigation continues Commissioner Jim Henry says new locks will be bought and installed.

On the hot seat in front of congress on Tuesday was Secret Service Director Julia Pierson.  This after a fence jumper made it into the White House last week before being subdued.  She took full responsibility and vowed that it will not happen again.

The widow of George Jones has plans for the old Graham Central Station building downtown on 2nd Avenue.  Plans call for it to be turned into the George Jones Museum.  All four stories will be used and it will include a restaurant and music venue.  The hope is to have it opened by late April.

Governor Haslam is letting state agencies know they should plan on spending cuts of up to 7 per cent   for the next budget year.  In the last spending year revenues tell short of projections by more than 300 million dollars.

Middle Tennessee realtors are checking their safety policies.  This after a Little Rock agent disappeared from a property showing last week.  The agents working on additional measures to stay safe on the job.

It sounds good, but it’s sure not healthy.  A 7 pound, 8000 calorie breakfast being served by a restaurant in London.  It includes 8 strips of bacon, 8 sausages, 4 hash browns, 4 fried eggs, a four egg cheese omelet, 4 waffles, four pieces of toast, French fries with some veggies thrown in too.  20 have tried to eat it all and did not succeed.

September 30

Metro schools getting a 2 ½ million dollar grant to expand social services.  The money, coming from the U.S. Department of Education will be used to hire more staff and provide additional training on student’s mental health issues.  Schools with the highest poverty rates will get the expanded services first.

In an effort to save the lives of more babies, a new method of recognizing their fingerprints has been developed.  It tracks vaccination schedules electronically.  Records have been lost through the traditional paper tracking method, especially in poorer countries.

A number of us have snapped a photo or two at one of our public parks but to do that, it should have cost us.  There is a regulation than many do not know about that says you have to have a permit to take a picture or shoot video in any metro public park.  The permit costs 125 dollars.

Those overdraft and ATM fees just keep growing.  The average fee for going outside of your banks ATM network is now $4.35.  The average overdraft fee is now nearly 33 bucks. It’s the 16th year in a row they have gone up.

After dropping their third straight, the Titans are working on getting things headed in the other direction.  The team is back home for a game with the Browns, Sunday at LP Field.

You get the annual flu shop to keep from getting the nasty bug, but you can take it a step further by eating certain foods.  Pumpkin seeds, tuna, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, green tea and yogurt all contain the good stuff that will hopefully keep the flu out of your house.

September 29

High School seniors have another month to apply for Governor Haslam’s Tennessee Promise program.  Details coming out on Friday that nearly 23,000 have applied for the free ride at 2 year state community colleges.

Been a very busy year for General Motors, some good and not so good.   So far this year, GM has recalled 26 million vehicles.  CEO Mary Barra says 90% of the recommendations made over those faulty ignition switches have been put into place. 

Today is National Coffee Day.  Bunch of retailers are participating and you can probably snag a free cup on your way in to work this morning.  That would be one of over 400 billion cups that are downed worldwide in a year.

Public health officials are keeping tabs on some highly contagious diseases that are on the rise.  There have been outbreaks of measles in California and New York and mumps in Ohio.  Officials blaming parents who are refusing to immunize their kids because of the potential side effects.

A non-denominational church in Chicago came into 1.6 million dollars in a real estate deal.  LaSalle Street Church pastor Laura Truax tithed 10% of that, 160 thousand dollars, and gave each congregation member a check for 500 dollars with instructions to pay it forward.  The Church plans to donate or invest the remained 1.4 million.

As you get your plans together for the week, include some fun on Saturday before the MTSU Blue Raider Game.  Kickoff is at 11am, but we’ll be out there before the game with the Fish Family Fun Zone with games, face painting and music from the Family Worship Center Band.

September 25

More jobs are headed to Spring Hill.  Comprehensive Logistics, a company that assembles automotive headliners, wheels and tires along with suspensions will help supply the GM facility.  Thirty million dollars invested in the plant that will also bring in 200 new jobs.

Saving money on those credit cards is as easy as asking.  About two thirds of card holders received a lower interest rate and 9 in 10 had their late fee waived by just asking.

Tomorrow Middle Tennessee Christian School in Murfreesboro is holding their Fall Festival.  The full day of free family fun will feature outdoor carnival games, hay rides, inflatables and a petting zoo.  

An oops from Apple.  Lot of complaints on Twitter from iphone users who after installing the ios8 update, their cell service was disabled or they were unable to use fingerprint touch ID.  Apple has released a workaround for the iphone6 and 6 plus.  Just make sure you have the latest version of itunes before reinstalling ios 8.

The unrest in Iraq and Syria had a lot of people waiting for gas prices to jump back up.  Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.  The cheaper fall blend is being used now and there has also been an increase in oil production in the U.S. which is why we’re still catching a break.

More free family fun for the weekend, this time with the Nashville Symphony.  Their 9th annual Free Day of Music is tomorrow inside the Schermerhorn Center.  There will be 20 acts featuring a number of styles of music throughout the day and a Kid’s Zone will be set up between 11 and 4 in the Balcony Lobby.

September 24

Those data breaches at Target and more recently at Home Depot are just two of the more well known ones.  A new report says 43% of companies have had one in the last year.  Twenty seven per cent of them didn’t have a plan on how to respond to a breach.

The Titans regular season is underway and for the Preds it’s the pre-season.  Nashville hosting Tampa Bay in a game tonight at Bridgestone.

Looking at flying over that busy Thanksgiving holiday, if you haven’t booked that flight yet, hold on.  Waiting till the 2nd or 3rd week in October is when you usually can snag a good fare.  Just make sure you also shop the fees the airlines charge since they vary.

Your thoughts on marriage?  Most women say marrying someone with a steady job is real important, more so than his religious of moral views.  Men say what’s big with them, is someone who shares similar views about raising children.

That respiratory virus that is affecting mainly babies, children and teens is now in 28 states.  There have been no confirmed cases of the enterovirus in Tennessee.

You get stuck in traffic and the aggravation level goes up and then you think about what really gets next to you with other drivers.  Women are not fond of the lane cutters and the big gripe for men is other drivers talking on their phones.  That’s the one going 45 in a 55 in the left lane.

When going for some high end specialty foods age plays a role.  Those under 35 spend a little more on fine chocolate, while those over 55 hit the pricier olive oil.  We ALL like some really good cheese or coffee to.

Joined us for a Fish Football Friday yet?  We’re out at a different school every Friday night and tomorrow you can meet up with us from 5 till 7 at Davidson Academy in Nashville.



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