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July 31

After midnight tonight you can save on back to school items like clothing, computers and school supplies as the sales tax holiday begins.  Some stores are offering sales on top of the no sales tax.  For a list of what is tax free, just click

Car manufacturers being really careful now and making sure their vehicles are safe.  Hyundai is the latest to issue a recall and it’s a biggie.  A potential problem with a faulty transmission cable has the automaker recalling 880 thousand Sonata’s from model years 2011-2014.

Do you have a humble boss?  Bet things run well around your office.  Those leaders that are humble are considered to be strong bosses.  They’re quieter, open to feedback, appreciate others and lead by empowering their employees to get the job done.

The developer of a proposed biblical theme park in northern Kentucky asked the tourism people in the state for millions in tax incentives and they said okay to 18 million dollars worth.  Ark Encounter is slated to be built in Williamstown and is expected to draw two million visitors a year.

If you are already doing the back to school shopping did you buy a laptop?  Most parents say a laptop is better suited for homework than a tablet or desktop.  When it comes to Smartphone’s, 65% of parents feel it’s practical for their teen to have one, but deciding on whether to buy one for them or have them spend their own money for the purchase is a split decision.

As we move closer to fall comes fair time.  Some family fun for this weekend with the start of the Williamson County Fair.  There will be the midway, a petting zoo, food, music and other entertainment at Ag Expo Park in Franklin.  The fair begins tomorrow night at 6 and continues through August 9th.

July 30

Close to 18,000 U.S. Military personnel are getting 92 million dollars in debt relief.  Tennessee and 13 other states settled an investigation into improper lending from Rome Finance.  The company failed to disclose charges and interest rates which helped retailers inflate prices with repayments taken out of soldier’s paychecks.  They will get to keep the merchandise and their debt will be forgiven.

We’re actively avoiding the sugary drinks.  Sixty three percent of us say we’re doing our best to keep it out of our regular diet.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a long, slow line getting through airport security you have probably thought, there has to be a better way.  The TSA says show us.  On their website you can submit your idea for speeding things up with 15 thousand dollars going to the person with the best one.

Are you starting off your day with a morning run?  By doing so you could be adding about 3 years to your life.  Latest research shows that it doesn’t even matter how far or fast your run.  Six miles a week is a good goal to set for all age groups.

The FAA wants to collect 12 million dollars from Southwest Airlines.  The fine for allowing 44 Boeing 737’s to fly when they allegedly knew they were not in compliance with regulations after they all underwent extreme makeovers.

Maybe by the time your child gets to college those SAT and ACT tests will be a thing of the past.  Bold step taken by Temple University making those test scores optional for admission.  The University saying that would open the door for as many as 200 new students per semester who might have been turned down by low test scores.

July 29

It’s a busy time for discount and department stores where most plan to do their back to school shopping.  This weekend is when the Tax Free Weekend lets you save a little more.  It begins just after midnight as we head into the early hours of Friday and runs till midnight Sunday.

This has been the coolest summer ever in the U.S.  Explained this way:  through July 23rd the country had the fewest 90 degree days on record.  We’re feeling some of that cooler stuff today when we barely crack 80.

Pets are full-fledged members of the family and that is showing up in how we spend on them.  Humanizing them a little more since there are now energy bars for pets along with glucosamine and omega 3 supplements as well as gluten-free pet food.  Many dog owners when buying or remodeling a house are making it more pooch friendly.

In east Tennessee the cleanup continues following a powerful Sunday storm that destroyed 10 homes and damaged many others.  Michigan still trying to get the power back on for hundreds of thousands that lost it from another big storm that moved east and brought with it an unconfirmed tornado north of Boston on Monday.

Lawmakers have agreed on a plan to help veterans who have struggled to get in to see their doctors in a timely fashion.  They are authorizing billions in emergency spending to lease 27 new clinics, hire more doctors and nurses and make it easier for vets to get care at outside facilities when the VA doctors are busy.

For our end of summer travel, gas prices are cooperating nicely.  Dropping nine cents over the past two weeks.  The state average is 3.30 a gallon for regular.  The average is Nashville is four cents higher.

July 28

Additional sites are opening up today as early voting enters its final week.  Election Day is August 7th and there could be long lines since the ballot is quite lengthy.   You may want to consider voting early and you can do that through Saturday.

Lawmakers passed cellphone unlocking legislation on Friday and the President says he will sign off on it.  What it means for you is that you’ll be able to unlock yours and change carriers without having to change phones.  Giving you an easier way to get a plan that better meets your needs and budget.

We are what we eat and those trans-fats at breakfast can have a negative impact on your mood.  Kids included in that so as you plan things out for the start of school plan a breakfast menu that includes fresh fruit, nuts, whole grains and vitamin C.  The combination helps with stamina and reduces stress.

Governor Haslam has sent a letter to President Obama stating that his administration should have been informed about 760 unaccompanied immigrant children who were placed in the state.  Sponsors given custody of those children.

Nissan is recalling another 226,000 vehicles over defective air bags.  Certain Infinity, Maxima, Pathfinder and Sentra cars from model years 2002-2004 are in the recall.  These are the same air bags that have resulted in callbacks from BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda and Toyota.

As we start a new work week, did you get enough sleep last night?  Two thirds of Americans say they don’t get enough during the work week.  Studies show that to get peak health and mental performance we need 7 hours a night.  Nearly 15% say they get by on less than 6 hours.

July 25

Two words we don’t have a problem with when they follow each other are money back.  That is the case for 336 thousand in the state who will share 10 million dollars in refunds from health insurance companies.  A provision in the affordable care act resulting in an average 53 dollars per family.

We hear how bad a bite from a Brown Recluse spider can be and if you’ve ever had one you know that first hand.  Physicians at Vanderbilt say the bites heal well if you just leave them alone.  However, if a child is bitten it’s best to get them medical attention.

When it comes to helping others, we continue to do that in a big way.  Americans gave over 335 billion dollars to charity last year.  That was up 4.4 per cent from 2012 and it was the fourth straight year that giving has increased.

Early voting for the August 7th election continues through August 2nd.  If you’ve never done the early voting thing you might want to consider it.  There are 6000 candidates to consider on the ballot which could be the states biggest ever and could produce long lines on Election Day.

With highs in the mid 90’s this weekend those morning hours on Saturday and Sunday could be the best time to get out.  An opportunity for that comes tomorrow morning when you and the kids can check out the Titans first practice at camp.  Begins at 9:20 at Saint Thomas Sports Park.

Think your dog gets jealous when your attention shifts to another canine?  Researchers say yes.  They studied 36 dogs and 80% of them snapped at or pulled at their owners when they were petting or talking too their perceived rival, which was a stuffed dog that barked and wagged its tail.

July 24

Gun maker Beretta is moving production from Maryland to Gallatin.  Their manufacturing capabilities will be taken care of at a new production facility that will open next year.  Three hundred new jobs will also be coming to middle Tennessee with the move.

Chrysler is recalling more vehicles for those ignition-switch problems.  This time it involves 800,000 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Commander SUV’s.

The start of school is just a few weeks away and this weekend Williamson County Schools will hold their Back-To-School Infothon.  Reps from the district will be set up in 30 booths throughout the CoolSprings Galleria to answer questions from parents.  There will be hands on activities for the kids too.  The event runs from 10 till 8 on Saturday.

Goodwill Industries is checking on a possible data breach.  The payment information for customers may have been compromised at some stores.  The location of those stores was not given, but Goodwill says it will work with customers who may have been affected.

The recall of nectarines, peaches and pluots that we mentioned yesterday has now expanded.  Besides Costco and Trader Joe’s locations getting the fruit with possible listeria contamination, the recall now includes Kroger and Walmart stores.  A sticker on the fruit in question will say “Sweet 2 Eat”.

The Red Cross is asking for donors, saying there has been an 8 per cent drop over the past three months.  Summer is usually a time when blood donations drop off quite a bit.  Type O, B Negative and A Negative are needed the most.  For info on how you can help, visit

July 23

The state is improving where our kids are concerned.  Up when it comes to their health and education.  The latest info shows that Tennessee ranks 36th in the nation for the economic well being of children up from 37th last year.

If you bought some fruit at Costco and Trader Joe’s it may be a part of a voluntary recall due to possible listeria contamination.  Wawona Packing is recalling peaches, nectarines and pluots that were shipped to Costco and Trader Joe’s stores nationwide.

We’re eating more chicken and that is expected to increase even more this year.   Most saying they prefer the taste while others say they are taking in more of it for health reasons.  When you shop the meat case and see the price of beef that is the other reason for the chicken consumption climb.

Starting Friday the Tennessee Regulatory Authority wants you to start using all 10 digits when you make a call.  That’s so you can get used to using the ten when we get the new 629 area code.  February 28th is the day of the official switch.

A Federal Court is nixing some subsidies in the Healthcare Reform Law.  The ruling says subsidies can only be paid by state run exchanges.  Tennessee’s exchange is run by the Federal Government.  Those subsidies exist in the form of tax credits for some low and middle income Americans.

Next wedding you attend you may be asked to check the phone at the door.  That is the latest trend by couples who don’t want the ceremony interrupted and the focus to be on them for their big day.  It also ensures no photos of the wedding show up on someone’s instagram.

July 22

Start with some job stuff.  Verizon Wireless is bringing 300 new jobs to the Nashville area.  To fill those positions they are holding two fairs this week.  The first is today from 10 till 2 at their retail store on Mallory Lane in Franklin.  The second will be on Thursday from 3 till 7 at their Franklin call center on Duke Street.

If you have a pet, there are times when they need prescription meds and that can get expensive.  Vets are not required let you know what those medications are but a couple of Senators are trying to change that.  The Act would allow you to know what is being prescribed to your pet so you could shop around for the best price.

Changes coming this year to Opryland’s “A Country Christmas” celebration.  A new snow tubing attraction and an ice rink are being added.  Your first chance to check it all out will be when the tree is lit on November 14th.

The 2014 fiscal year was a record setter at Nashville International.  The airport, offering 380 daily arriving and departing flights handled over 10 ½ million passengers.

Most parents feel that it’s important their children embrace their values and carry them on in the family. Community service and giving back are two that we would really like to see them take and pass down.  Many parents say they’ve volunteered in the past year to set an example.

Krispy Kreme is helping out local law enforcement.  They are teaming up with The Spirit of Blue Foundation to provide safety equipment for officers on the job.  All five Nashville area shops donating a dollar for every two dozen sold through the end of the month to go toward Safety Equipment Grants.



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