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April 24

Saturday is the day 30,000 runners hit the streets for the Country Music Marathon.  Events leading up to it begin today with the free Health & Fitness Expo at the Music City Center.  Following Saturday’s Marathon on Sunday the YMCA is hosting their Healthy Kids Day at LP Field from 2 till 6.

The Democratic National Committee is still looking at 15 cities to host their convention in 2016.  Nashville is one of those.  Estimates are that the cost of hosting the event would run between 55 and 60 million dollars.

Employers are looking to fill more than a thousand positions and they’ll start some face to face time with potential candidates today at a job fair.  Goodwill Career Solutions in Spring Hill will have reps from SMX, Lowe’s and others on hand today from 9 till 1.

If you are a parent and have questions about Common Core standards in Metro Schools, your first opportunity to get some answers is later today.  Metro Schools Director Dr. Jesse Register and other school officials will be on hand to meet with parents at 5:30 at John Overton High School.

You do exceptional work and sometimes you get a bonus.  The IRS has handed out a few to their employees.  A watchdog group wonders why a million dollars worth went to employees who aren’t paying their taxes, and another 2 million went to workers with disciplinary issues.

There are now fewer seats on airlines and their size continues to shrink.  So what can you do to get the most comfortable one? is a good resource to check out the specifics of a particular jet, even how much leg room they offer.

April 23

Rezoning for 3 new Williamson County Schools has been giving the okay by the School Board.  Mill Creek Elementary, Mill Creek Middle and Nolensville High will share a campus off York Road.  The three expected to start welcoming students and teachers in 2016.

Growers are keeping an eye on the Banana crop in Central and South America.  That is where the U.S. gets most of its bananas.  A fungus has already destroyed crops in Asia, The Middle East and Africa and the hope is that it will not spread.

When the hot weather of summer hits, there is always the danger of heat stroke in both humans and pets.  Japanese company has come out with a gauge designed for dogs that will set off buzzers and blinking lights if your dog is in danger of heat stroke.  It also comes with a “human” mode so dog owners can also stay safe.

Remember when that really cold stuff hit us over the winter.  Attributed to the “polar vortex” that dropped more to the south.  Now we should prepare for the “pollen vortex” that follows with exceptionally high levels that could really make for a sneezy spring.

If you do the Netflix thing the good news is that your rate will not go up for what the company calls “a generous period of time”, speculated to be about two years.  They are raising the rate for new subscribers by a dollar or two a month.

Couple of years ago, Apple was criticized for contributing to the problem of electronic waste.  The company is improving their environmental efforts, offering to recycle any of their products.  You will get a store credit if your device looks like it can be reconditioned. 

April 22

In a surprise move, the United Auto Workers Union withdrew their appeal of the union vote at the Chattanooga VW plant hours before a federal hearing was set to start on Monday.  The union is asking Governor Haslam to re-confirm the states offer of 300 million in incentives to bring production of VW’s new crossover sport utility to the volunteer state.

Kraft is recalling 96 thousand pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Weiner’s because they may have some of the company’s Classic Cheese dogs mixed in with them.  Individual packages with a use by June 16th date may be affected.

We’re all making an effort to be more green and protect the environment and in Middle Tennessee many Earth Day celebrations were held over the weekend .  Today is officially Earth Day.  The 44th year that we have celebrated on April 22nd.

Some news affecting your wallet this morning.  Gas prices have now risen to their highest level in more than a year.  Nationwide they’ve gone up 40 cents since the beginning of the year.

When it comes to student loans, only 20 percent think they are a good investment.  To pay off those loans most are paying about 300 a month, some paying as much as a thousand dollars monthly.  The good news is that more are finding the money to comfortably pay them off then two years ago.

Some of the happiest couples are those that sleep close together.  Real close.  Like less than an inch apart.  9 in 10 couples who sleep with their backs touching say they are in a happy relationship.  The same ratio of couples who spoon say they are also happy.

April 21

As we head into a new week, early voting for the May 6th Primary continues.  It will run through Saturday.  A photo ID is required to cast your ballot.

Last week was one where maybe you didn’t really want to watch your portfolio closely as the Stock Market was up and down.  This week could be another one of those with more earnings reports coming from heavy hitters like Apple, McDonalds, Microsoft and AT&T.

After hearing a story about a tragic fire, 9 year old Hector Montoya of Grand Prairie, Texas figured saving a life was better than saving for a video gaming console.  So he took the 300 dollars he had saved up for a PS4 and bought 100 smoke detectors for those who couldn’t afford them.  He also convinced the city’s fire department to install them, which they did over the weekend.

More jobs are coming back and that is reflected in the latest unemployment rates.  It was down in 21 states last month.  A 2 tenths of a percent drop in Tennessee but ours is down a point and a half from this time last year.

A lot of eyes will be focused on Boston today.  The city runs their annual marathon just over a year after last year’s was disrupted by explosions near the finish line.  More than a million are expected to cheer on the 36,000 runners.

Is your desk a cluttered one or neat?  If yours tend to be a bit messy, that is not necessarily a bad thing.  New research as linked a disorganized work space to a spark in creativity.  Not that a clean work area is a bad thing, since that same study found that space is good for when an immediate decision needs to be made.

April 18

Nashville getting more bike friendly.  A new ordinance has been approved by the Metro Council that requires any new building or a large addition to an existing one include parking for bicycles.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is taking applications for its youth and junior trooper academy.  Kids are taught trooper values and also participate in team building exercises and physical fitness.  It’s late June for grades 9-12 and mid July for 6th through 8th graders.  More info at

Is there a preference when it comes to all that candy that is rolled out at Easter?  Chocolate is the favorite whether it comes in the form of an egg or a bunny.  That bunny who works for Cadbury always steers us to those eggs, and not to be forgotten is the Easter classic, the Peep.

There’s lots of Easter family fun this weekend with 94 FM the Fish

At the Donelson Fellowship FREE Egg hunt Saturday morning at 10:30 at Two Rivers Park

At the free Nashville Family Block Party with Fish artist 7th Time Down and Doug from the Family Friendly morning show starting Saturday morning at 11 on Broadmore drive across from Maplewood High School with First Apostolic Church

At the free egg hunts at Lane Agri Park in Murfreesboro with North Boulevard Church of Christ Saturday afternoon beginning at 130

And the dramatic presentation of the The Thorn  a   theatrical portrayal of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ...with performances at Cornerstone Church in Madison throughout the weekend.


Happy Easter! 

April 17

Early voting is now underway for the May 6th Primary.  It will continue through May 1st.  Just remember you will need that photo ID to cast your ballot.

At the big state house, the Senate voted unanimously to have school students recite the “Salute to the Flag of Tennessee” after the Pledge of Allegiance.  Now we’ll see how the house feels on the matter.

Starting next year, your cellphone will come with a kill switch.  The switch would allow your wireless provider to send a signal to a stolen phone making it useless to anyone who steals it.

When we were young, being a “mathematician” was probably not something we considered for a career.  In the opinion of CareerCast that is this year’s best job.  Tenured professor ranked second.  Being a lumberjack or a newspaper reporter are at the bottom end of the scale.

Both the House and Senate have approved Governor Haslam’s “Tennessee Promise”.  The legislation would cover tuition at two-year colleges for any Tennessee High School graduate.  The goal is to up the state’s graduation rate and all that is left is for the Governor to sign off on it.

Metro Schools are extending their pre-K enrollment period.  Parents you now have until next Monday to apply at the school you want your child to attend.  Status notices will go out in May.

Easter weekend is just about here and on Saturday morning, plan on bringing the kids to the Donelson Fellowship Egg Hunt at 2 Rivers Park.  At the free event there will be all kinds of fun activities for the kids including the search for those treat filled eggs to help fill their baskets.

April 16

Our colder weather should be giving you a brief break from the allergy related sneezing.  But they will be back.  You will have a new weapon to tackle some of those.  The FDA has just approved “Grastek” a drug that specifically targets grass allergies.  Should be on shelves by the end of the month.

You don’t get it if you don’t ask.  The seniors at Hillwood High will back that up.  They sent a video to NBC’s Brian Williams asking him to speak at their graduation next month.  Earlier this week he said yes and will join the kids at their May 22nd commencement at Lipscomb.

There may have been a time or two when we’ve dropped the kids off at school without totally being together for the day.  School board member in Florida thinks since the kids have a dress code, the parents should as well.   Saying parents showing up in curlers, pj’s and saggy pants are not setting the best example for their kids’ dress code.  There has not been a lot of parental agreement with that one.

Some new sites in the state have been added to the National Register of Historic Places.  The State Supreme Court Building in Nashville, the Grand Guitar in Bristol and the Blountville Historic District have been added along with the Mead and Ross Marble Quarries in Knox County and the Martin-Dobyns House in Kingsport.

The battle for your fast food breakfast dollars continues.  Now that Taco Bell has rolled out their morning menu featuring the Waffle Taco, McDonalds has decided to bring one breakfast item back from its past.  The McGriddle will be back for round two.

The Ford Mustang turns 50 tomorrow.  When it was launched on April 17th of 1964 is caught the eye of many.  More than 418 thousand pony cars sold in the first year.  There are 300 Mustang Clubs around the world, 60 outside the U.S. where the car hasn’t been sold.  That changes with the 2015 Mustang that will be launched globally.

April 15

Beef prices are the highest they’ve been in 27 years.  The drought is one reason for the increase and that has brought about smaller herds.  Also demand for red meat in Japan, Hong Kong, and Mexico has increased our beef exports.  More people buying chicken and pork now and with the high demand, those prices have also shot up.

Time to make sure the pets and plants are taken care of.  Even though it is spring we could get temperatures that tip into the 20’s overnight tonight.

The latest from Facebook has nothing to do with your privacy, and everything to do with money.  They are currently working on an e-money service allowing users to send it via the site.  Talking over a few partnerships with companies that already offer international transfers.

No doubt you’ve noticed the spike in gas prices.  We’re paying about 14 cents more per gallon than we did this time last year.  Lower supplies and rising demand expected to keep prices heading north.  Nationwide they’ve risen for 21 straight days.

Do kids need to have their cholesterol checked?  The latest info released by the American Academy of Pediatrics says kids should have routine cholesterol screenings between the ages of 9 and 11 and again between 17 and 21.

Windows XP support ended last week, but the IRS apparently still has over 50 thousand computers that still need to be upgraded to Windows 7, and these are the machines that process tax returns.  So, the IRS will pay Microsoft 11 million dollars to still get that support for XP.



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