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October 24

Parents…Governor Haslam wants your input on changes with Common Core standards.  In the next few weeks a website will be available for you to review each current state standard and comment on what you like or don’t like.  You’ll also be able to make suggestions.

There is some good news in the latest Consumer Price Index figures.  We’re spending less for TV’s, personal computers and gas.  Denting your wallet are grocery prices.  Butter up 24% from a year ago and beef prices rose 18%.  On the higher side from a year ago is the price of some fresh fruit.

Fun event for kids and adults this weekend is the Fall Festival at Providence Christian Academy in Murfreesboro.  It’s tomorrow from 10 till 2.  All kinds of activities including a climbing wall, petting zoo and inflatables.  Admission is free for everyone.

Trying to win back customers after last year’s data breach, and to compete with Amazon, Target is offering free shipping on all on-line purchases this holiday season.  The new policy in effect through December 20th.

Vanderbilt’s Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s hospital will get bigger.  The 100 million dollar project includes adding four floors.  The hospital hopes to get 30 million of that through fundraising for the new addition over the next three years.

It’s another Fish Football Friday and you can join us from 5 till 7 before tonight’s game at Lancaster Christian Academy in Smyrna.  The Titans are at home in LP Field Sunday afternoon against the Texans.  

October 23

Two Ebola patients in the U.S. are doing well.  NBC News cameraman Ashoka Mukpo is free of the virus and out of an Omaha Hospital.  Nurse Nina Pham’s condition has been upgraded to good as she continues to be treated at the Institutes of Health in Maryland.  (ah-SHOW-kah  Mook-POH)

The most popular flashlight apps for Android phones could be stealing data from it.  If the app is preinstalled you should be safe, but if you downloaded one that takes up a big chunk of memory it may contain malware or spyware.

There is still gold in the foothills of California.  A five pound gold nugget that was found back in July goes on sale today in San Francisco.  The person who discovered the nugget and the exact location where it was found has stayed secret.  Its worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 thousand dollars.  Nice neighborhood.

Fedex says this holiday season will be a record setter.  They are anticipating that they will deliver 290 million shipments between Thanksgiving and Christmas, up almost 9% from a year ago.  They are hiring 50,000 seasonal workers to help carry that weight.

 Later today when we should get a glimpse of a partial solar eclipse.  It will start just before 5 and we’ll get to view it till the sun sets.

Use it or lose it.  That’s how vacation usually works.  The average American worker still just using 16 of their 21 days.  That works out to 52 billion dollars in lost benefits.  It is the least amount of vacation time taken in nearly four decades.

October 22

If you bought any office supplies from Staples, monitor your accounts.  The company and law enforcement checking into a possible credit card data breach.  Customers will not be responsible for fraudulent activity on their credit cards as long as it’s reported in a timely manner.

That less pain at the pump thing is continuing throughout middle Tennessee.  Gas prices dropped 10 cents in a week to an average of 2.92 a gallon.  That is the lowest they’ve been in more than three years.

Two religious plaques have been in place at two Midlothian, Texas schools since ’97.  In a no win situation the school board is trying to decide whether to leave them up or take them down.  If they are taken down they’ll be sued by the Liberty institute.  If they stay, the Freedom from Religion Foundation says they will sue the district.

Davidson and Shelby counties will share a 6.3 million dollar grant to help the homeless find permanent housing.  Homeless veterans will be among the 650 people who will be helped over the next three years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants you to take action now if you got a recall notice about your air bags.  There are more than 4 ½ million made by Japan’s Takata Corporation that may spray shrapnel if they rupture.  They are more likely to do so in areas where the weather is humid.

The Nashville area including Franklin and Murfreesboro rank 7th in the nation in attracting young professionals with college degrees.  That big pool of qualified job applicants between 25 and 34 has many businesses and start ups looking to set up shop here.

October 21

The Defense Department is putting together a 30 member Ebola rapid response team should there be an outbreak in the U.S.   The CDC also working on new protocols for health care workers treating patients with Ebola.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources says the deer population in the state is north of 900,000.  Between now and January is when the deer come out more so use extra caution when driving the roadways.

It’s never too early to start saving for the future.  If you know someone who had a baby born on Monday clue them into Voya Born to Save.  It’s a free $500 mutual fund investment being offered to any baby born yesterday.  More details at


Toyota recalling nearly a half million vehicles over faulty airbags.  Involves the Lexus SC Coupe, Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Sequoia, Tundra, and the GM Pontiac Vibe that was built by Toyota.  Vehicles from 2002 through 2005 are involved.

The date has been set for the Nashville Christmas Parade.  It will be on the evening of December 5th.  That’s when Mayor Dean lights the city Christmas Tree at 6:30 in Public Square Plaza and then the parade steps off at 7.

We’re all about starting the day feeling positive and happy and there are some things you can do to accomplish that.  Number one is to wake up grateful.  Also make sure you have a good deed or two planned out since helping others increases our happiness.  Staying that way is easy when you never let today be hijacked by something that didn’t go your way on Monday.




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